Vote Even if it Breaks Your Heart

Today I’m casting my primary vote for the ONLY progressive candidate in 2020 #Bernie2020. I know, at this point it’s just to boost delegate count and it won’t make much of a difference.

When I found out, back in March, that my donating, phonebanking, and other activities didn’t mean anything next to a few well placed phone calls by a certain ex president, I was distraught, heartbroken. The constant whine of #VoteBlueNoMatterWho #RidinWithBiden people since then…

“Biden wasn’t my first or even my fifth choice, but I will Crawl Over Glass to #VoteBlue “

“2020 is too important”

“We can’t let tRump win”

These are the same people who oohed and ahhed at the prospect of a Michael Bloomberg as the nominee:

“wowee, he could crush Trump, he’s a REAL billionaire”

“Look, he’s hiring microinfluencers to do ads for him, neato”

Turning the most vile aspects of that person into virtues. He’s rich, that means he worked hard right?

As an aside, his little “microinfluencers” move, such an obvious bullshit move, if it worked, he’d basically be doing an Uber on campaign advertising. Making all those influencers into contract employees and underpaying them for their work.

But enough about Bloomberg, everyone forgot about how they bigupped him five minutes after he was over, after he’d done what he needed to do, help fuck over Bernie.

Yang was entertaining at least, but a closer look at his policies showed that he was a libertarian techbro in a progressive ballcap. Yang deadenders are especially sad now, going as far as promoting Bret Weinstein’s incredibly lame and obvious astroturf #Unity2020

Worst, by far, were #Warren ppl:

Constant twoface positioning, “oh, I’m with Bernie”/”Bernie is going too far”

The misogyny allegations, got so much more attention from Liz Lads and Liz Lasses than anything Tara Reade said, 1000s of times more substantial tho her claims were.

Body language experts, how many houses, what’d he say about Castro, essays from 50 years ago, RussiaRussiaRussia, and then, when we started getting primary results, it was clear and obvious:

No one was voting for her. All the bluster and selfies and doggos couldn’t hide the fact.

But she hung in there long enough to seal the deal on Super Tuesday, tipping the scales just enough to hand Biden at least two states and maybe more. And the gullible Warren ppl were all “she doesn’t owe you anything,”

Now these same clowns all think they know what they’re talking about b/c Rachel Maddow or the PodJohns told them something about how Biden’s the most progressive, and it’s just like, do u know how full of shit you are, or do you actually believe this???

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