Is This True? (see pic)

I shared the following on social media, and a friend asked if it was true. Below is the original image and my answer.

The full book can be found here:

It is a quote from the book, that is true and accurate.

As for the things he’s saying in the quote, what I imagine you’re really asking about, I mean history is complicated. And my mans here is using absolute language (every, not one, etc) so maybe you could catch him on a technicality. Just off the top of my head, the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea could be said to be a socialist/communist experiment that has not been all the way crushed, despite the best efforts of America and allies in the Korean War and in wielding soft power (sanctions etc) afterward. The Soviet Union was not directly crushed, but so many wars were carried out on smaller communist states trying to get their thing going and they were collabing with USSR. Of course USSR also had massive internal problems, especially by the 1980s.

You could say, for almost any gov’t, that they have internal problems. When a gov’t fails, there’s surely many contributing factors (history is mad complicated). I’m not saying this to hedge the claims here, just to put them in perspective, so we are clear that we’re not saying anything so myopic as “US intervention is the *only* reason” for this or that gov’t falling.
As for the examples we see in the quote, Russian rev, Nicaragua, China, Salvador, the ones I’m not as familiar with are China and Salvador. By Russian revolution I think he means 1917 and the entire run of the USSR, including the Cold War. Nicaragua/Sandinistas, I was alive during those events (lol like that means I know anything about them) but I’ve done some learning since then, the CIA book Ghosts of Langley touches on that.
The Korean and Vietnam Wars were both attempts to stop communist governments from forming/thriving. And the US was unimaginably brutal in both. They dropped more conventional bombs on Korea than the entire Pacific theater of WWII.

Speaking of WWII, look up Operation Gladio. Stay-behind forces making sure that the locals in various European countries did not meander over to socialist/communist styles of government.

Iran 1953. Chile 1973. Venezuela 2003-ish(?) and 2019-20, they attempted to do a coup on Chavez and now Maduro. Cuba, Bay of Pigs and numerous assassination attempts on Castro. These are all in the public record, admitted acts of fuckery by the CIA. There’s a new book called The Jakarta Method, haven’t read it but I’ve been hearing a lot. It talks about the Indonesian genocide and how that became the blueprint for running coups all throughout South America.

To sum up, I’d say, in general, yeah, he’s saying true things. Also I found a pdf of the whole book, check it out. Thanks for the question bud 💗

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