Michael Brooks, Rest in Power

I normally don’t give many fucks about public figures’ passing (more about that: as much as we may love the work of well known people, I have to recognize that in most cases, I don’t have a connection to that person except through their work. The thing that does make me sad is thinking of how others’ are grieving. For example, when Prince died a few years ago, it was quite stunning, but I didn’t cry until I thought about how my friend Lonnie was going to be sad about it, and I hate the thought of my friend hurting like that. So), but this one hit me different in a few ways. First, this is a figure from online media, which is necessarily more personal due to the production values, much denser in terms of content. Also common to online media is no small measure of audience interaction, both with live callers and within comment sections, chats, and other online spaces dedicated to discussing the content. Second, good Christ, this guy’s so young, this came literally out of nowhere, dude’s younger than I am, so much going for him in his career. He’d just released a book, his show was growing, things were popping for this guy. I think part of it is that, in my head I view Michael not only as a comedian, journalist, interviewer, but primarily as a teacher. His work taught me so much about the project of international leftist politics, the struggles of marginalised people all over the globe. This alone hugely broadened my scope of understanding. Feelin sad rn, Rest in Power 😭😭😭💔💔💔

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